Third Eye Chakra

I am here to help you expand your intuition and open your mind todeeper understandings. My job is to integrateyour creative mind with logical thinking, cutting through the illusionsof the mind, to access deeper truths. I’ll work with you to develop yourability to self-reflect and self-examine, internalizing the outer world andreflecting within. Under my guidance you’ll develop clear insight, open-mindedness, strong connection toyour intuition and the ability to not only see but understand.  When you tap into my wisdom I’ll gift you theability to be mindful and live fully in the present moment.

Lapis Lazuli & Labradorite
Third Eye
I am intuitive
As radiant as the light of the fullest moon. She moved through life, guided by the all seeing eye of her intuition, illuminating all the unseen subtle dimensions in her path. She was nothing short of magic.
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