Solar Plexus Chakra

I am a golden beacon, here to remind you of your worth and strengthen your self-esteem. Next to me you will stand strong in your own power, reclaiming all that you have given away to others. I am here to help you take responsibility for yourself and develop your authentic self.I  love to see you succeed and will assist you to bring your ideas into reality. I am all about the mind and will coach you how to exert your will so that you command results effortlessly. Working with me you’ll develop the ability to overcome fear, master your thoughts, and make conscious choices. I will enable you to hear your own true voice to let your authenticity flourish. I’ll empower you to follow your true path and create the life you desire.

Citrine, Yellow Quartz & Tigers eye
Solar Plexus
I am empowered
To many, her way was confounding. As she was not affected by others, driven only by the unending fire in her belly. There was no setting in her; for she knew herself her own worth.
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