Sacral Chakra

Pleasure and fertility are my language and I want you to experience intimacy and love, freely and fully. I’ll help you tune into the rhythms of nature as well as your own cycles, encouraging fertility and a healthy libido. I am not judgemental and will motivate you to live out your desires, authentically without fear. I’ll help you set healthy boundaries and together we will work on owning what’s yours and learn how not taking on that which belongs to others. I’ll help you balance excessive attachments and addictive behaviours, whether it’s with food, substances, sex or technology. If you let me, I’ll bring you to a place of pure joy, where you are inspired to act on all your creative yearnings.

Carnelian & Amber
I am creative
As ripe and ready as summers new fruit, she was full of desire and knew how to satisfy her own inner callings. Moving to the rhythm of the seasons, she painted everything she touched with exuberant joy.

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