Crown Chakra

I am here toremind you of the beauty and divinity that resides inside you; to bring youback to your natural state of connection to all things. I will help youunderstand your true limitless nature and accept yourself as part of universalconsciousness. Once you understand my ways, I will bring liberation fromlimiting patterns and thoughts. If you permit me, I’ll guide you through theexperience of spiritual growth, enlighten wisdom and awareness. Allowing you tofeel unity with everyone and everything around you. It is here in this spaceyou’ll encounter feelings of serenity, joy, spiritual ecstasy and deep peaceabout your life.

Amethyst & Clear Quartz
I am divine
She resides in a place of pure serenity and bliss for she could only see the beauty and divinity in all things. She held herself with the upmost clarity and enlightened wisdom. She wore her crown with ease.

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