Healing Gemstone Jewellery

Handcrafted with intention and purpose.


Kind words from our customers

Who makes the jewellery?

Every piece is hand crafted by Rachel McKenzie in her studio in outback Western Australia. Her long-term love affair with crystals and gemstones began when Rachel was unable to find beautiful jewellery that embodied the therapeutic qualities she was looking for. She started to make her own and hasn’t looked back.

Rachel is an energy worker, crystal intuitive, community cultural development worker, jeweller and artist. She has 18 years experience working with the body’s subtle energy system and the chakra system and is trained in Praninc healing, Visualisation meditation, Huna Massage and philosophy, Reiki, and Australian Bush Flower essence.

She is also a qualified Art therapist and is trained in The Work of Byron Katie, as well as Robert Simmons’ – Stones of the new consciousness.

A nature-loving, crystal-obsessed, country girl, Rachel’s background in Community Development has fostered a deep sense of social responsibility. She is an an advocate for slow living, crafted quality and empowering others to live with joy and authenticity. She is eternally in love with the handmade.

Can you create a custom piece for me?

We aren’t currently making custom pieces, and this this has been a deliberate decision. The selection of a pieces is a very personal process that involves not only the jewellery’s aesthetic but more importantly the therapeutic properties it carries. When you see, touch or feel into the pieces you will intuitively know which one is for you. When the match is right, the feeling will be strong. Sometimes our clients wait months for the right piece to show itself to them. At other times their piece can call out at to them straight away.

Can you re-create a piece you've made previously?

All of our pieces are one-of-a-kind, made by hand without casts or other processes for mass productions.  It is therefore impossible for us to recreate a piece exactly.

Where is your jewellery stocked?

Watch this space. Stockists coming soon! For enquiries or purchase please contact us directly.

Where do you source your gemstones and materials?

Our current collection of gemstones have been sourced from a variety of locations and suppliers throughout the world. Our gems have been collected over many years, with many of their origins untraceable. In more recent years as awareness of the gemstone trade has grown, so has our dedication to finding traceable, ethically sourced gemstones. Unfortunately, it is an extremely complex matter, with no tracking process for gemstones (other than the Kimberly Process for diamonds) and many complex layers of consideration. From Fairtrade principles to environmental considerations, each different gemstone has its own unique issues. Please know we make every effort to secure gemstone from ethical and environmentally responsible sources.

The fine silver (.999) utilised to create By McKenzie comes from Mitsubishi in Japan. It is made from 60% recycled fine silver.